How To Make Your Own Whipped Shea Butter Cream

Shea butter,a nourishing moisturizer derived from the seeds of the African tree Vitellaria paradoxa,whips up into a light,creamy skin concoction with the texture of whipped cream. When you make your own whipped shea butter cream,you avoid the chemical stabilizers and preservatives found in commercial shea butter creams. You can also customize [...]

How To Make Your Own Dog Repellent

Making homemade dog repellent supports our claim that dogs are man’s best friends. Dogs or puppies are sometimes nuisances but they are also lovable. Like humans,when puppies are starting to have teeth,they need to have something to chew. Home furniture,plants,and toys are puppy targets. As a pet owner,you would like [...]

How To Make Your Own Cajun Seasoning Mix

Spices are the soul of any recipe in any continent. Most people love spicy food;there is just a slight difference in each individual’s taste buds. A Cajun seasoning mix is a combination of spice that will certainly trigger a person’s taste buds. Below are information and guides on how to make your own Cajun [...]

40 Best Egg Salad Recipes

I love eggs! OK,I admit it. This study is all about ‘egg salad.’I am including at least 40 egg salad recipes. Egg salad is quick,easy,delicious,and healthy (in moderation). It may not seem an elegant appetizer,or entre for a meal orsnack,but it can be with a little imagination. The [...]

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