SA?A?ren Johansen

As you’ve already seen,my name is SA?A?ren Johansen. I am danish,and live in Denmark. I was born in 1970 in Odense –the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen.

I have lived for 11 order rosuvastatin 10mg online years in a small town called Qaqortoq (or Julianehaab) in the south of Greenland. After that I lived for about 4 years on the Costa del Sol,near MA?A?laga in the province of Spain called AndalucA?A?a. Right now I am back in Odense,and have been for years now.

I can’t remember when I started being interested in grilling (which is what most people do),it’s like it was always there. No matter if we throw a party,or go to someone else’s house –I always end up behind the grill. It’s my favorite spot!One Touch Silver 18,5"Compact

Sometime in the late 1990′s my dear wife Karin bought me my very first Weber charcoal grill. It was the 18,5″compact model (In european measures it’s 47 centimeters,and is called Weber One Touch Silver 47 Compact). That made a big change in the way I grilled –now actually starting to make BBQ. “Grilling with the lid on”is so much better!

Pretty soon I had to have the Weber One Touch Gold 22,5″charcoal grill. Much more room in that one,makes it a lot easier to make real BBQ. In that I have smoked a lot of salmon,hams etc.,but it wasn’t until 2007/2008 I was introduced to real low &slow cooking. WOW!

In march 2008 I purchased an extension to my OTG,made by a danish BBQ-enthusiast like myself. This extension converts the standard OTG into a smoker. In this smoker I have made PP (Pulled Pork),ribs,chickens,and so on…It works really great,but it is not as easy to control the temperature as for instance the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. I gotta get one of those soon….

Here in Denmark most people talk about BBQ,what they really mean is grilled food. They only grill in the summertime,when they can sit out in the garden. I use my grills 52 weeks a year. Not every day,but probably 3-4 days a week. My favorite style is definitely low and slow,but of course I also enjoy a grilled steak from time to time.

I am a member of the online BBQ-society called Weber Klubben ( Buy online keppra buy uk viagra fedex shipping,where I on an almost daily basis blog about my experiences with BBQ,participate in the debate,help out people with some of their questions regarding BBQ. I’m also a member of,which is owned by the guy that makes the extensions and other equipment for Weber grills.

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